K-Man Turns 8!!!!

We’ve had another Birthday in our house. (It seems that there are a lot of those around here!) Lucky for the kiddos, this birthday corresponded with our first 90 degree weather days… (Oregon and 90 degrees in May?). We set up the Banzai Inflatable Water Slide and the kids have been having a blast. K-Man and K2 are having a joint friends party around the time school lets out in a couple weeks, so we just had a small family celebration at home.

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Happy Birthday Mr. Man! We Love You!

Yes, that’s a blue DS hiding behind the Petz Dogz game, he may seem spoiled… but these are all the birthday presents… we get them the ONE thing they want and that’s all they get. The DS and Dogz game were from Mummy and Daddy and the other kiddos gave him the ATV game and case. K2 has requested her American Girl Mia Doll… so that’s what it’ll be. I am struggling with how to word the invitations for their friends party. K-Man will be inviting all the boys from his class and K2 will be inviting all the girls from her class. They decided to have a joint party at the roller rink. I don’t want families to feel that they have to bring a present for each kid (or any presents at all), this party should be about fun with their friends and not about gifts. I haven’t figured out how to handle this! Any advice is welcome!

I had a baking drama with the cake… hence why we have the cuppycake tree out again. I bake ALL THE TIME. No joke. I make cakes and cupcakes for everything. I love it… people love to eat them… I’ve won contests against pro-bakers. So I was a bit discombobulated when my cakes stuck in the pan. This hasn’t happened to me in YEARS. I am blaming it on the extreme weather changes around here. After tossing the ruined cake over the hill in the yard, I resorted to cupcakes… these ones are flavored with lime jello, have Starburst inside and crushed up green Lifesavers on top (leftover Easter candy!). Yum yum. K-Man was digging in the “junk” drawer, when I asked what he was looking for he replied, “More candles”. I said, “Are you turning 20 or something? There’s already 8 on there.”

Today’s Green Tip- Recycle the water when the kids are outside playing… use it to water your veggies, flowers, wash your car!?!?!, etc… Little Critter was insistent on watering the flowers for me while they were out playing and had a fit when I told her to dip the watering can into the pool. She kept saying, “No, INSIDE water.” After a few minutes she gave up and used the pool water. 🙂

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