Worm Mulching… Fun For The Kids

Evidently, worms can eat their way through your household food waste… leaving behind fabulous fertilizer for next Springs garden. I have a feeling my munchkins will find this delightfully entertaining. Wonder Time magazine has a lovely article on worm composting in the May 2008 issue. (Probably one of the only good articles between the front and back cover.)

We just may tackle this… though where to keep the squiggly critters, I have no clue. Check out Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof.

Today’s Green Tip- Compost your garbage… and if you have a kiddo in diapers check out gDiapers… they rock (and are flushable if dirty, wet ones go in the compost pile).


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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