An Interesting Day

Many of ya’ll have inquired as to why I didn’t post yesterday… afterall, I did promise a Green Tip each and every day. Well, Let me just tell ya…

I have been experiencing some crazy chest and arm pain since Monday morning. My very first thought when the pain started was… HEART ATTACK. So, I took a couple aspirin. The pain continued and increased with deep breaths and certain positions. Cardiac pain doesn’t usually linger like that. Tuesday I called the Doctor, things appeared to improve for a while then overnight became unbearable. Finally around 2 on Wednesday I decided to head into the urgent care at my clinic. They don’t like to deal with any kind of chest pain… I wasn’t even actually checked in… they whisked me to a large back room and hooked me up to monitors and oxygen and waited for an ambulance. The Doctor at urgent care was worried about pulmonary embolism (PE) which could be deadly. I was convinced it was just a severe case of pleurisy which is why I had put off going in. I hate having IV’s… I have had more than my fair share during my child birthing years due to severe illness while pregnant. Getting one by a trainee medic in the back of a moving ambulance, yeah… not so fun. She couldn’t get it in… but that didn’t surprise me, as I’m not easy to start. The experienced guy took over and he still couldn’t get it in that arm… so he had to switch and managed to get it in on the first try in my other arm.

It was interesting how quickly things move in the ER when you are having chest pain… I had tests and results faster than ever before. Within a couple hours they decided it wasn’t likely that I had a PE and it probably was pleurisy (duh). We didn’t do a CT scan to completely rule out a PE as the ER Doctor felt I was low risk and he did a blood test which would indicate a higher possibility. My chest x-ray only showed an elevated diaphragm… and since I can’t take deep breaths that is easily explained and my EKG was normal.

Lucky me, I am back home taking mega doses of Motrin to help with the inflammation and pain… things should start getting better within a couple of days, although I haven’t seen any improvement yet.

I felt so ridiculous going into the Doctor for what I figured was pleurisy and knowing darn good and well that they would send me to the ER. I was in pain like I have never experienced before, by the time I was ready to leave my house, I felt like I needed to lay down again. The car drive about did me in… I had to drive myself as hubby is still in China and TeenGirl doesn’t have her permit yet. There were several times I realized I was driving 20 mph in a 55 zone. By the time I reached the Doctors office, the pain was so intense I could barely talk. I am relieved that this wasn’t something serious and am irritated by the huge bills we will be receiving for this little outing. I felt foolish being transported by ambulance to the ER… but the Doctors didn’t want me to drive and I know that driving at all with the pain I was in wasn’t a good idea. Part of me kept thinking I should have just gone straight to the ER, but then my insurance might not have covered the whole ordeal.

In other news, Little Critter and K3 are both running fevers of 102F with tummy aches and more whine than I have patience for. I will be praying for patience to get us all through this. Oh… and I’ll be driving to the airport tomorrow to bring hubby home. Let’s hope the pain has significantly decreased by then.

Today’s Green Tip- Get reusuable containers for water, coffee and juice for each person in your household. This will save lots of paper cups and plastic bottles. Many coffee shops will give you credit for bringing in your own mug. Looking for the perfect reusuable cup for the kids? Check out the Klean Kanteen. It rocks!


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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One Response to An Interesting Day

  1. I am glad it was not too serious, but it is best not to take chances. The issue will be the next time you are having issues, you may just try to ignore the pain and not see a physician.

    I had to look up pleura. I am an electrician, not a physician!

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