What were you doing 10 years ago?

Marrying the man who would become the Father to my three daughters. (I can’t say it was a waste of time because I wouldn’t trade them for anything!). Working for a Title Insurance Company, honing my typing skills to over 100 WPM (It wasn’t exciting). Buying my FIRST BRAND NEW CAR… now that was exciting.

What I was doing 5 years ago:

On-going remodel of our house, managing our rental, getting good at being a SAHM… planning my children’s educational future, holding my breath as my 1 year old attempted the monkey bars over and over and over again. Going to Nursing school.

One year ago:

Getting Married for the second time… this time to the RIGHT man. 🙂 Becoming a family of 7!!!! Taking care of my mother who was diagnosed with ALS. Working on my Real Estate License.


Helped Hubby pack for his trip to China. Planning, shopping and cleaning for K3’s Party this weekend. Carrying a cage with 5 mice to school so the kiddos could share them during show and tell… I was mobbed in the hall and wasn’t sure I’d make it out alive.


Took Hubby to the airport… received a bragging email about how he was sitting in the first seat in FIRST CLASS… sipping some cocktails while I juggled getting the crew to school. Bought 3 boxes of Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies for K3 to share with her class tomorrow (They won’t let me bring home-made treats!).

Five Snacks You Enjoy

Cold, Green Grapes… the big, fat, juicy ones
Swiss cheese and crusty bread (mmmm… with wine.)
Strawberries with chocolate or whip cream
Sliced bananas with Peanut Butter
Hot Cocoa and Buttery Toast

5 things I would do if I had $100 Million:

Build a new school for our community
Fund a fresh start program for single moms trying to finish Nursing School
Finally locate the correct materials for that nifty product we are trying to figure out
Put my Mom in her own home… modified for her needs with a full-time Nurse
Invest for the future of my Children and Grandchildren

Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire

Build a house on more land than we have now
Travel every summer with the kids- all over the world.
Get LIPOSCULPT… bye-bye baby fat. 🙂
Take care of my Mom
Actually have my hair done by a professional… regularly.

5 places I would run away to:

My backyard

5 TV shows I like:

Desperate Housewives (It’s back FINALLY!)
Gray’s Anatomy
Private Practice
Brothers and Sisters
Anything on TLC

5 things I hate doing:

Dishes … they NEVER end.
Laundry… it NEVER ends… I wash at least 90 loads a month! Eeeeeeek.
Disappointing people.
And that’s about all I can think of.

5 biggest joys of the moment:

My Silly and Fabulous Children
My Church Family
Good Food (Even though it’s prepared by me!)

Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics To

All songs from the Annie Soundtrack … I’m seconding this one Jenefur! My daughters have acquired a love for Annie from me!
Barbie Girl- disgusting, I know.
Love Shack – B-52s (Aye-yeah… favorite for Karaoke)
Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid)
The CuppyCake Song

Five Bad Habits

Procrastinating (YES!!!! I am so bad about it!)
Coffee… I just can’t give it up.
Being INDECISIVE… I went to school to teach… then to be a nurse… then I was a photographer… then I work as an admin… then I went to school for Real Estate… Really I just want to be a Mom and Wife.
Being Short Fused… sometimes I let the little things pile up and then I have a short fuse for things I should just ignore… working on it!
Talking too much/too loud. Nuff said.

Five Things You Like To Do

Read! … once again I am keeping Jenefur’s answer here.
Scrapbooking, sewing, crafting (working on some fabulous new aprons now!)
Good Friends

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:

A bikini… as much as hubby thinks I will… I can assure you I won’t.
That hideous Bridesmaid dress from my sister’s wedding… instead of five months pregnant it made me look like a plum.
Patterned Capris… seriously I had a couple pair with little flowers and gingham checks… I think they probably were meant for ladies MUCH older than I.
Stirrup Pants.
Any undies that aren’t thongs… I have learned that underwear lines are death!

Five Favorite Toys
My Little Pony
Light Brite
Moon Sand
Easy Bake Oven

I don’t like to tag… ya’ll never do it anyway. Lol.


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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2 Responses to MeMeMeMe…

  1. 1. Nothing like big, cold grapes!
    2. Coffee really isn’t a bad habit…smoking would be a bad habit!
    3. Moon sand is really cool!

  2. Agreed… Smoking would be a VERY bad habit. Ick.

    Moon Sand rocks… and I don’t even mind the mess… it’s so easy to vacuum up after since it isn’t wet!

    Mmmmm. I could use some grapes now. Why oh why do they have to be $3 a pound!!!!!

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