K3 will be SIX on Thursday.  Wow!  I wonder if I will be forever in awe of each year they gain.  How has it gone so fast? (Isn’t that what all parents say?)

She is an independent, brilliant, active, adorable, vivacious, HAPPY, Little Lady.  A master at puzzles, a cuddler, a mischief maker… Kenzie is my precocious, lovable Princess.


Oregon Dad will be in the air on his way to CHINA for her birthday. So, we had a family party Sunday.  Our unwritten rule for birthdays is one gift from Mum and Daddy and one from all the other kiddos.  These kids have sooooooooooo much already!


We gave K3 an iPod shuffle.  K1 and K2 received them for their seventh birthdays so we were debating this year or next.  She has been doing so good at taking care of her things that we decided it was time.  And heck, now they are only $49!!!!!  (YAY!)  Oregon Dad and I went shopping Saturday night to find a gift from the kids to K3.  She has been asking for play food to use in their kitchen (which all of the kids play with constantly!).  We found a game in the new Bloom line from Cranium.  It is a green shopping basket filled with plastic grocery items.  Included are shopping lists.  This is great because they have more food for their kitchen and a game they can play to help with reading and matching.  It was a hit… although I am thinking 3 year old Little Critter might be getting more use out of it than K3.


I am doing her first ever FRIENDS party on Saturday.  We intentionally planned it for a day Daddy will be gone so he doesn’t have to deal with 15 five and six year olds in our house!  I invited the entire class of 15 kids… so maybe we will only end up with 7 or 8.  I am game for WHATEVER!  We have planned a MAD TEA PARTY.  I will set up the two long tables across my living room, drap them with bright cloths and set them with mismatched tea cups and saucers.  We will be playing an “art walk” instead of the traditional cake walk where the winner gets a ready to go craft activity… and a LOBSTER TOSS (using a plastic lobster). The invitations included a request for wacky hats and someone will win a prize for the craziest hat and everyone will go home with favors in chinese-take-out boxes.  The kids are excited… and so am I!


We are doing an allergy free party… because K3 cannot have many common food items.  Our menu follows-



Tortilla Stackers – layer a corn tortila with soy butter, tofutti better than cream cheese spread and sliced bananas, top with another corn tortila and repeat layers, finish it off with a corn tortilla and slice into triangles.  Place on silver serving platter.


Not Jello Jigglers-

1- 12 oz can of natural lemon lime soda

3 pkgs unflavored gelatin

1- 6oz can frozen juice concentrate

gummy worms, gummy candies… whatever strikes your fancy

sugar crystals if desired


Place soda (we use Hansens Natural) in medium saucepan- do not heat.  Sprinkle gelatin over liquid and allow to “bloom” for 1 to 2 minutes.  Turn heat on medium and stir until gelatin is dissolved, stir in juice concentrate.  Continue stirring until well mixed.   Line jelly roll pan with wax paper… lay gummy candies out over pan at desired spacing.  Pour gelatin mixture over gummies in pan…refrigerate 4 hours or until firm.  Remove from pan by gripping sides of wax paper and lifting out.  Place on solid countertop and cut either using small cookie cutters or slice into squares.  Sprinkle with sugar crystals if desired.  Keep chilled until read to serve.



Fruit Kabobs- cut wooden skewers to 4 or 5 inch lengths, alternate fruit pieces on skewers.  Serve with dip if desired (we like tofutti better than cream cheese heated and sweetened with organic honey).  Go really wild and stick kabob ends into a halved melon so they become “porcupine kabobs”.



“Tea” made from warmed apple juice with cinnamon


Photos from our family party…


Photobucket Tasty GFCF cupcakes! Yummy!



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3 Responses to Birthdays!

  1. Meg says:

    What a beautiful girl. I hope she had a great birthday!

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