Ballet and Baseball

It’s that time of year again… the time that has every. single. evening. occupied by some activity.  We have baseball at minimum on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Now that games have started… we have those to take up our Saturdays.  Tuesdays are PTC, Thursdays always find something (conferences, playdates, Church functions, etc…) Friday is Ballet day (FRIDAY makes me lose my mind… seriously.  But that’s another post).  In addition to games on Saturdays we also have to make our weekly Costco run so that our crew can eat and be at Church early so I can perform my hospitality duties.  Sundays… blessed Sundays, you’d think we’d get a break.  Since we do Saturday evening Church… we don’t have to rush out early in the mornings… and YET IT NEVER FAILS that we go from daybreak until dinner time. 


This Friday was a special day at Ballet… it was the day we got to pick up the girls’ recital costumes.  While we were at class… Oregon Dad and K1 were at an extra baseball practice (I am wondering how baseball for 2nd graders has turned into this extreme of a sport… one that requires practice all the time?)  The girls and I stopped at practice when we finished up class.  They drew lots of smiles as they pranced past the baseball fields in their pink tights, black leatards and skirts.  I probably lectured them no less than a dozen times to be careful so the bleachers didn’t shred their tights (Those darn tights are $9 a pair and don’t last long!).  Mommy brought up the rear carrying brightly colored recital costumes in their clear plastic garment bags.  The girls couldn’t wait to show Daddy and K1.


Now I have TWO entire months to keep the kids away from the costumes.  The girls seem to think that pretty costumes = play time.  I have to remind them how many DOLLARS those costumes cost and they are NOT TO BE TOUCHED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE until after the recital. 


K1’s first game was Saturday… and I must say… HE ROCKED.  First base star caught THREE balls for THREE outs!  Woot!


Oh and Mum and Daddy?  Yeah… we both got sunburned.  I had my face taken care of with my spf moisturizer and Bare Minerals Make-Up… and I wore a hat.  However, the tender skin on my neck and chest was forgotten in my morning prep and I am a little lobster-like in that region now. Oregon Dad fried the top of his head (the hair is a little thin these days) and his entire face. 


Now it’s raining again.  I’ll take a little sunburn anyday.




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2 Responses to Ballet and Baseball

  1. Baseball coach talking!!!!!

    Seriously…baseball is a tough sport to practice. Although technically it is a team sport, it is full of individual skills. If there are two coaches and 10-13 kids, how much individual time can they actual get to practice? Most of the time is spent standing around…unless you have very organized coaches.

    In a 60-90 minute practice, each kid would be lucky to swing the bat 5-7 times.

  2. We have one coach and about 5 parent assistant coaches. Our kids are all given lots of opportunity to bat and catch… we use a pitching machine as well… Somedays I feel like we are on overkill! Lol… but the kids love it. When K1 starts complaining about playing ball… then we may have to re-evaluate.

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