Duh Mommy

K3’s skin has been so much better since she went on her gfcf diet back in late November.  Now if she has a reaction we see it RIGHT away.  Yesterday it hit me that she is allergic to STRAWBERRIES.  She loves strawberries… but everytime she eats them her face gets all red and her nose does this swollen/purplish thing.  She had the reaction when she went to her Grandparents for Easter… I asked what she had eaten other than the food I packed for the day… Strawberries were the only thing I didn’t send that she ate that day.  Then yesterday, she gobbled down three large strawberries for snack and within minutes her face was red and puffy.   I said something to Oregon Dad about it last night and he’s all “I could have told you that!”.  Huh.  I am going to do some checking to see if she can tolerate one berry… no berries… some only rarely… or what.  She will be devastated if she can’t have them any longer!  I am also convinced she is allergic to yellow dye.  She has had a couple of reactions and I went through all the ingredients to try and figure it out and that was the only related ingredient.  Lately I have been seeing labels listing yellow dye #5 as a possible allergen in foods… the last time I asked the Docs they said there isn’t anyway to test for dye allergies.   We don’t encounter too much of a problem with this because all of our food is natural… no artificial dyes, preservatives, flavors, etc… but there are times when we grab a treat out and about or at a friend or family members house.  Anyway, I am adding these to the list of things to ask the Doc about on Friday… funny thing… K3 tested negative for a strawberry allergy.


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One Response to Duh Mommy

  1. wilddaisy33 says:

    I keep landing on your blog. 🙂

    I wanted to mention that despite not testing positive for an allergy, she could still have one – there are multiple allergic types of reactions, and traditional docs generally only test the one type. You probably already know this, but I just had to tell you in case you didn’t! She could also just have a sensitivity. So go with your own home version of testing because you clearly know when she’s having a reaction.

    Also, you can test for dye allergies – just not in the traditional way your doc probably thinks is the only way….Try alcat.com or through sage systems. They test reactions in the white blood cells – my “traditional” allergist scoffs at this, but it reinforced what I thought was going on with my son.

    You are a good Mommy to try to figure this all out! She’ll feel better for it!


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