More Evidence for Fish Oil and ADHD

We give K3 four capsules of Nordic Naturals DHA Jr. every. single. day.   I have been awe struck by the changes I see in her.  At Church on Good Friday, she stood patiently in line… not freaking out or jumping all over.  She was one of the calmest children there.  This is not the child I know! 

A couple of days later, we forgot her DHA Jr. and it was painfully obvious.  That was a day when K3 couldn’t hear anything we said to her, she couldn’t focus and was all over the place. 

Maybe its just a fluke… but Oregon Dad and I both really feel this is helping!  K3 is well withing the “normal” range for a nearly six year old.  We will not be deviating from the her supplementation or from her diet. 

We have increased her calcium supplements to 4 a day (equal to 10 oz of milk) because I recently read that calcium from fortified sources (like rice or soy milk, oj, etc… ) is absorbed at only 75% of cows milk.  We definitely want to make sure her little bones are getting enough to stay strong.  We have also added a fruit and veggie supplement.  The kids only get 1 (1/2 a serving) a day… because they eat a well balanced diet, but we figure a little extra veggies never hurt anyone.

Of course, K2 eats her veggies without a complaint, but she was tossing her fruit and veggie bears out with the trash until we put a stop to it… Go figure!


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4 Responses to More Evidence for Fish Oil and ADHD

  1. Without having ANY medical knowledge of the subject, my wife and I have been talking to a lot of people we know about the relationship between diet and behavior in children. She recently took a bunch of homeschool families to a local organic farmer for a class and it came up there too.

    There really seems to be a lot of validity to the theories and we are going to start making a few subtle changes and see what kind of results we get.

  2. Diet definitely plays a HUGE role in behavior! I have had Docs try to tell me otherwise… but I have seen the evidence with my own eyes. I am still in the middle of deciding if this is good or bad in my case… I can no longer enjoy all the “junk” foods I used to like… because since we have gone all natural/organic… it tastes like poopie! A great place to start diet wise is to get rid of all things artificial… colors, preservatives and flavors.

  3. ericspage says:

    Hi, where do you get your Nordic Naturals DHA Jr?? Thanks.

  4. We get the Nordic Naturals DHA Jr at our Naturopath’s office… We have also found them at Whole Foods with a slightly different name (like Nordic Naturals Children Omega 3) which appears to be the same formula. You can find a retailer near you here:

    Good luck!

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