A Fun Saturday

Today was BUSY!  What ever happened to weekends being RELAXING?  Who ever dreamed up that theory was definitely not a parent to five incredibly lively children!

TeenGirl went to stay at our Grandparents this weekend so she could spend time with our Mom.  So, Oregon Dad and I had only four munchkins to contend with. 

We headed out this morning for Lowe’s because we had been reminded last night by K2, who came rushing out of her bedroom at nighty-night time to proclaim, “Daddy!  Tomorrow is a building workshop!”.  The kids made periscopes which they are having an incredibly fun time playing with.  Evidently, if you look at the wrong end everyone looks larger than they are. 🙂  Gotta love that!  The workshop started at 10 and K2 had a playdate with one of her classmates at 11.  Oregon Dad and I are so efficient at building these things now…. we were all done by 10:30 and headed back out to the truck.   I have a system down (anyone with 4 kids aged 7 and under has to develop systems for everything!).  First the kiddos all get seats in front of a little package of supplies and a hammer.  We open each package and lay the contents out in order including opening the little nail pouch and spreading out the instructions.  Then everyone works on the same step at the same time.  That way, Mom and Dad are free to bounce back and forth to assist as needed and all the munchkins are on the same step.  Woohoo!  I think it only took about 4 visits before I developed this plan… but heck, I have now taken all the kids BY MYSELF and been done in 30 minutes.  Yay me!   On the way back to our little town a few minutes away from Lowes, I was in DIRE need of coffee as I hadn’t had time to brew any at home.  We stopped by the Human Bean, which is a relatively new coffee shop in our area… ( I still need to research if they are local or what!).  I must say, my 20 oz Iced Decaf Nonfat Caramel Hazelnut Mocha with Whip was quite tasty.   We made it to the playdate right at 11:00 and I arranged to pick K2 up at 1:00 (afterall, this was the first playdate for these two girls and we didn’t want to over do it!).  Right before time to pick K2 up, I had a mad rush around the house trying to locate the bottom to my swim suit.  Geeze oh Pete… can NOTHING actually be where it belongs?  And why is it MY suit that is missing?  I located all the girls suits without a problem (although I must say they are starting to get a little small for their tushies!  Guess a shopping trip is in order before Summer hits).  Finally I located my suit bottoms still in the bag from the last trip to the pool… lucky for me I had used that nifty suit spinner in the locker room so it didn’t have mold growing on it!  We were 5 minutes late to pick K2 up.   Next stop the swimming pool!  The kids absolutely loved swimming and floating around on giant, pink, fishy, kick boards in the 92 degree warm kiddie pool.  We all were brave enough to venture into the Olympic size (much colder) pool for a while, K3, Little Critter and myself only stayed in for a few minutes before heading back to the warm water. 

Of course, the three girls and myself beat Oregon Dad and K1 out of the locker room by a good 10 minutes.  I must ponder what it is those boys do in there?  Of course, the girls and I hit the shower, suit spinner, got dressed and partially blow dryed hair before heading out to the lobby. Oregon Dad and K1 must have played in the hot tub and steam room before showering… at least thats my best guess. 🙂

By the time we made it home tonight, we were exhausted and I really didn’t feel up to catching up on laundry (I am sooooo behind because of a leak behind the washer that caused mold to grow on the wall… ewwwwwwwwww.) and baking cookies for tomorrows family date with some good friends and there two boys.  Thank Goodness we are bringing the WINE.  I have a feeling I will be in dire need.

Now if that last batch of cookies would just get done… I might make it to bed without sampling any tonight!  (Yeah Right!).


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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