Scarlet Fever? Seriously?

The sickies just don’t want to leave our house!  Now K2 has Strep Throat and Scarlet Fever.  Lucky for us Scarlet Fever is not the virulent illness it once was. 

K2 developed a fever running at least 101-103 since Saturday.  Her throat hurt, she felt punky.  At first I thought it was the flu that we have all had because a sore throat went with it.  I gave her Motrin for the fever/discomfort so she could rest.  By Monday morning she wasn’t getting better like everyone else had from the flu.  When she drank the Motrin, tears ran down her face because it hurt to swallow the liquid.  She also developed a red, sandpaper like rash starting on her cheeks, then moving down her neck and covering the rest of her body.  Her tongue also had a yellow coating and her throat looked swollen and mucousy.   We had to visit the urgent care as her doctors office was booked.   She is banned from school for the rest of the week, which has her devastated.  This is the first time in two years she has missed school!

Sure enough, she is strep positive and the doctor said she developed Little Scarlet Fever or Scarletina as well. 

Now the fun really starts… everyone else has been feeling slightly scratchy in the throat and all around ickey.  So today I get to haul the other four kids and myself in for cultures.  Daddy has an appointment in the morning. 


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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