Privileged Childhood

 Stolen from Jenefur… that girl finds the best MeMe’s!

I definitely didn’t have a privileged childhood prior to 9th grade.  In High School most of my classmates thought I did.  It definitely wasn’t a silver spoon upbringing.  My bio parents were exceptionally poor.  My father had substance abuse issues and my mother didn’t make enough to support the family.  My father was abusive to his children and his wife.  At 14, I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle.  They lived in the Middle Class world.  I received nice gifts for birthdays and holidays… didn’t have to worry about having clothes to wear or food to eat.  We did take vacations occassionally, usually driving ones.  I put myself through college (and will be paying for it forever!).  I never reflected on if I was privileged or not, however I know that my upbringing has a drastic impact on the way I raise my children.  I want to do everything right, but I realize that is impossible.  Sometimes I over-extend myself trying to give them what they want (Ballet, T-Ball, Swimming, Soccer, etc…) but I don’t want them to grow up and think “I couldn’t ever do what I wanted to as a child”.  My own Father always said no.  I don’t want to be that person.   My children are well cared for, even spoiled on occassion.  They won’t have trust funds paying their way… but hopefully we can provide a substantial start for them to build on.

Funny how a simple MeMe made me reflect that much. 🙂

Bold the true statements.

1. Father went to college

2. Father finished college

3. Mother went to college

4. Mother finished college

5. Have any relative who is an attorney, physician, or professor.

6. Were the same or higher class than your high school teachers.

7. Had more than 50 books in your childhood home.

8. Had more than 500 books in your childhood home.

9. Were read children’s books by a parent

10. Had lessons of any kind before you turned 18

11. Had more than two kinds of lessons before you turned 18

12. The people in the media who dress and talk like me are portrayed positively

13. Had a credit card with your name on it before you turned 18

14. Your parents (or a trust) paid for the majority of your college costs

15. Your parents (or a trust) paid for all of your college costs

16. Went to a private high school

17. Went to summer camp

18. Had a private tutor before you turned 18

19. Family vacations involved staying at hotels

20. Your clothing was all bought new before you turned 18

21. Your parents bought you a car that was not a hand-me-down from them

22. There was original art in your house when you were a child

23. You and your family lived in a single-family house

24. Your parent(s) owned their own house or apartment before you left home

25. You had your own room as a child

26. You had a phone in your room before you turned 18

27. Participated in a SAT/ACT prep course

28. Had your own TV in your room in high school

29. Owned a mutual fund or IRA in high school or college

30. Flew anywhere on a commercial airline before you turned 16

31. Went on a cruise with your family

32. Went on more than one cruise with your family

33. Your parents took you to museums and art galleries as you grew up

34. You were unaware of how much heating bills were for your family

From What Privileges Do You Have?, based on an exercise about class and privilege developed by Will Barratt, Meagan Cahill, Angie Carlen, Minnette Huck, Drew Lurker, Stacy Ploskonka at Illinois State University. If you participate in this blog game, they ask that you PLEASE acknowledge their copyright.


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