Things Are Looking Up

TeenGirl came off the vent today.   This is incredibly good news!  By this evening, she is at half the dopamine she was on and off the epinepherine.  What does this mean?  Well… if her pressures continue to stay up (meaning her body is now coping with the infection) then she may move out of the PICU and back to acute care.  Yay!

Honestly, this is the first time through this whole illness that I have really feared losing her.  She isn’t out of the woods yet… but things are looking up .  So I am hopeful but still guarded.

Her Doctors have expressed surprise at how quickly she is bouncing back.  She will be on antibiotic treatment for all the infections for weeks and I don’t yet know if that means she will be in the hospital the whole time, or if she will be able to come home with an IV.  We are still days away from even discussing that.


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