Teaching Our Kids to be Socially Conscious

It’s a struggle everyday to balance raising well adjusted kids, who are loved by their peers and the adults in their lives.  Part of creating these individuals is instilling the sense of global responsibility in them. 

We give our children too much.  Without a doubt.  However, we try to balance that with good deeds, family responsibilities, learning how to be earth friendly, etc…

I came across these Valentines (http://store.gxonlinestore.org/valentineskit.html) that I wanted to get for the kiddos classes this coming February.  To me it is a cute way to remind folks that many of our chocolates (and other products) are produced in a not so humane manner.  This is a time when the kids can have a brief lesson in human kindness and correct treatment as well as learning how to look for products that respect human rights.  My husband, who in some ways is more “hippy” than myself doesn’t agree with having the kids use these Valentines.  He sees it as a way of “forcing our beliefs on others”.  In his mind, it is no different than those who come a knocking on our door to hand out phamplets, or that practice commonly called Track or Treating.  I don’t think its the same at all.  We aren’t trying to convert peeps to another religion, simply wanting to provide our Valentine treats that are Fair Trade Certified and let people know about the methodoligy.

I do not see this as pushy, its certaintly not door-knocking.  Most people probably won’t even read the Valentines.  It is about knowing that we are not contributing to child and/or slave labor in chocolate production in what is an over-commercialized holiday.  (FYI, Hubby and I DO NOT celebrate V-Day.)

Perhaps the middle ground on this one is to hand out the Free-Trade Certified Chocolates with “normal” cards.  Granted, the education factor is lost, but to Hubby that is a “political agenda”. 

Who said I wasn’t a reasonable woman?  We can compromise.  Let’s hope that as the kids get older they make choices that reflect what we are trying to teach.

And that is… Be Normal (whatever that is!), watch TV, Shop at your favorite stores, Make smart choices, Be aware of the impact your actions/purchases have on others, Help others who are less fortunate, Share your knowledge but don’t push or act like you have all the answers, Listen more than you speak, Be proactive, Think about what you are allowing yourself to be exposed to, Take care of you in order to take care of others, Be kind to people and animals, Be Responsible, Live your life as if your are writing your Eulogy.

And so much more…. I’m sure.  (Like quit asking for that Barbie house that is bigger than the one you already have, because so many kiddos wish they had one like yours and you are DARN lucky!)


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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