Let the Puking Begin

K3 woke from her nap crying and covered in vomit.  Let the fun begin.  At five she isn’t quite to the point of being able to make it to the bathroom before the geyser erupts.  Episode one resulted in a covered kid, Mom, bed, floor and a trail on several other surfaces as we ran for the bathroom.   In nearly eight years of Mothering I have never delt with this amount of vomit.   I put the kiddo into a warm bath to get rid of the stench and the sticky, matted mess that is her hair.   A little while later, she decided that maybe a little food and drink would be okay.   1/2 a banana and a couple ounces of Hanson’s Cherry Vanilla Natural Soda later and we started again.  Luckily, I had the foresight to bring out a throw-up pan (one of the many green, square basins that came home from the hospital with TeenGirl).  I don’t know where this comes from… she didn’t consume nearly as much as what came back up. 

Guess we will have several unused tickets to K2’s Nutcracker Ballet tonight… I am not about to risk taking a sick kid.  K1 isn’t feeling so hot either, although I haven’t yet determined if that is just to get attention.  So, Daddy will be staying home with pukey, my tummy hurts and little critter (she hasn’t yet figured out the meaning of “behave” and I have to be backstage to help with costumes).

About 30 minutes into the Ballet, I get a text from Daddy… it says “we are okay, wanted to let you know she’s puking again”.  Fabulous. 

We had a bit of a disagreement about the method of dealing with this.  I went to school to be a nurse and while I haven’t finished that particular program, I do have a lot of training under my belt.  Not to mention that I have been a Mom to multiple children for many years, a foster parent, a host family for exchange students and a Nanny for many years before that.  I’ve got the basic knowledge of caring for sickies under my belt.

Daddy felt we shouldn’t give her anything to drink or eat as it was coming right back up.  I beg to differ.  Food is definitely optional at this point, however keeping some liquids going in is essential.  I got out the medicine dropper and started giving her 1 tsp of water every 15 minutes or so.  Enough to wet her mouth, but not so much as to cause a rebellion in her belly.   I look at it this way… if I am sick, do I not drink anything?  Ummmmm…. no.  Generally, I sip on water or 7-Up.  It helps get rid of the ickey taste in ones mouth.

We made it through the night with no more vomit.  She actually slept pretty much through the night.  This morning, I made GF waffles with applesauce and cinnamon baked in… she had a 1/4 section with a little pat of soy margarine and powdered sugar and a few sips of water.  After about an hour, she got another 1/4 section in.  So far we are doing okay.  She’s snuggly and sleepy.  Let’s hope we are done puking. 

Wondering… who will start next?

K2 has a nasty, snotty nose.  Other than that she is good to go.   K4 is onery as ever, has had the look of getting sick for a few days but it hasn’t turned into much… YET!  And of course, K1 is wimpy and saying he doesn’t feel so good.  

Praying I don’t get this crap!  I have to work at 5 am tomorrow and don’t have time for sickness… not to mention the little fact of needing to take care of the sick kiddos.

TeenGirl has stayed in at Grandma’s since her treatment on Wednesday.  We didn’t think it was a good idea for her to be home alone on Thursday and Friday while I worked.  She had a severe headache for a day or so and felt a bit punky… looks to be doing better now.  At least until Wednesday when she goes back for treatment #2.   It’s probably just as well that she won’t be home until this evening… hopefully she won’t get this pukiness on top of everything else.

Is tomorrow Monday already?  Where the heck did my weekend go?


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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