Supplementing a GFCF Diet

Supplements are a vital part of ensuring a well-balanced diet in a child with food allergies.  Diseases like Celiac’s actually interferes with the absorbtion of much needed vitamins and minerals.  Other dietary restrictions, such as those for ADHD and Autism (GF or GFCF diets) may be lacking some of the needed vitamins.  There is also the questions of whether these diseases could be caused from vitamin/mineral deficiencies.  For now, K3 is taking the following supplements to help ensure a balance in her Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Milk and Whey Free diet.  We also restrict anything that is artificial, so all the supplements we use have no artifical colors, preservatives or flavors.

L’il Critters  Gummy Vites- 2 a day (Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Supplement)

L’il Critters Immune C plus Zinc and Echinechea- 1 a day (unless showing signs of illness, then up it to 2)

L’il Critters Calcium plus D- 2 a day (this is equal calcium to one serving milk, we may go up based on an evaluation of how much calcium she is getting in the milk replacements we use)

Nordic Naturals DHA Jr.  (Fish Oil/Omega 3) 4 capsules a day

We will be trying some other varieties of Omega 3 when this bottle is gone.  I have found several alternatives (even a Vegan Omega 3 for kids) in the Fred Meyer Nutrition Center.  I find it’s easier to go sit on the aisle floor and read the bottles than to try to compare them online.  I need to see what the product looks like.  Afterall, I am expecting a 5 year old to eat it!

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